Plastic Bag Reuse Programs

While Hilex’s Bag-2-Bag program strives to make plastic bag recycling easier and more convenient for consumers, it is also always important to reuse plastic bags. Just as there are many plastic bag recycling programs throughout the U.S., there are also many options for donating the plastic bags consumers might not be able to reuse in their person lives. From dog parks to churches to museums – many organizations are recognizing the value in reusing plastic bags and offering consumers other options for reusing plastic bags before recycling.

Each program below accepts plastic bags so that they can be reused in a variety of ways. Although the programs reuse the bags in different ways, each underlines the important fact that plastic bags should be used for more than one purpose before recycling – using them for dog waste, arts and craft projects, and more!

  • The Anclote Gulf Park Dog Park in Holiday, Florida, not only supplies plastic bags for owners to pick up after their pets, but also accepts consumers’ used plastic bags so that they can be reused at the park.
  • The city of Windsor Heights, Iowa, also appreciates donations of plastic bags for reuse at dog parks. The city has placed containers at the dog park for residents to donate their plastic bags and also allows resident to return plastic bags to city hall.
  • The Visual Arts Center in Richmond, Virginia, encourages residents to donate plastic bags so that they can be reused for children’s art projects.
  • The Heritage Christian Academy in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, collects plastic bags to participate in contests to win items for local area churches.

Is there a local program in your town that accepts donated plastic bags for reuse outside of your personal life? Let us know! We always love to hear about new and exciting ways plastic bags are being reused and recycled in local communities.